3rd Conference on local e-mobility

Congress centre Brdo, Brdo pri Kranju, 19th and 20th of May 2021

Experience, both from Slovenia and abroad, tells us that developed e-mobility in local environments is the most important
generator of economic development of the community and development of e-mobility in the country!

Of course, the will alone is not enough, experience and knowledge are also needed for a smart transition to e-mobility.
The best, and most importantly the cheapest, is to learn from the mistakes of others. And not just on mistakes; on good practices as well!

We will once again bring excellent lecturers from the most developed e-mobility countries, as well as the greenest cities in the world:
the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Island, …

The range of topics will be wide. From a socket to a rocket:

Technological innovations in electric cars and related infrastructure
Electric buses and local e-delivery
Self-driving “taxis” and vans
Smart cities have smart infrastructure
Financial incentives for local communities
Best foreign practices

Presentation of the most successful Slovenian towns and cities in the field of e-mobility

So far, we have always prepared a selection for the best e-mobility city and municipality in Slovenia.
This time will be the same! If you remember, Ljubljana and Piran won in 2020. Can anyone get ahead of them in 2021?

The winners will be announced on May 20th at the awards ceremony after the conference.
The winner will be chosen by an expert commission and by votes of all present delegates.

Participation will be free for one representative of each municipality at the conference!

In Slovenia, we have every opportunity to become the best e-mobility country in the world.

Let’s do it together!