7. syposium Emobility


For the 7th year E-mobility organises symposium for e-mobility.


20.-21. october 2020

Development of cars and batteries, progress of fast charging infrastructure and marketing of fast charging, experts for marketing and sales of EV and equipment …
Lecturers from most developed countries in the field of e-mobility (Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, Monaco, USA, …)
Experts on the field of grids and distribution of electric energy
Experts for development of autonomous vehicles
Politicians from Slovenia, Europe and the world, that decide about e-mobility

Electric cars; what do we have today and what can we expect tomorrow and the day after
Batteries – today and tomorrow (and the day after)
Autonomous vehicles – when and how (technology, legislation, testing, …) where is Slovenia and where Europe
EV market
Infrastructure and grids – Does it and how it is changing the development of EV cars
Politics of e-mobility and interoperability of charging stations
Smart charging infrastructure




7th Symposium e-mobility




Communication Director

2nd Conference for local Communities

#e-mission impossible

22. october 2020

Local communities as carriers of development of electromobility
Best foreign practices (Norway, Netherlands, USA, …)
What do local communities need for faster transition to carbon free traffic
Carbon free public transport – importance of fast transition



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