Emobility Eco Forum

Pioneering Sustainability for Tomorrow’s World

Belgrade, Serbia – October 1st – 3rd

In a notable departure from convention, Društvo Emobility proudly introduces the inaugural Emobility Eco Forum, a groundbreaking initiative poised to redefine discussions surrounding e-mobility and sustainability.

A Decade of Progress Guides Our Path

With a decade of successful Emobility Symposiums as our foundation, we recognize the intricate relationship between e-mobility and broader ecological considerations. The transition from the 10th Emobility Symposium to the 1st Emobility Eco Forum underscores our commitment to exploring the multifaceted dynamics within this domain.

Introducing the Eco Forum: Bridging the Gaps

Our forum aims to illuminate peripheral issues often overlooked in traditional symposiums. It entails posing critical inquiries such as the environmental ramifications of powering electric vehicles with coal and assessing the true sustainability of electric vehicles given their resource-intensive production processes. These deliberations will take center stage in our discourse.

The Eco Forum unfolds over three days of comprehensive exploration. Commencing with the Eco Diplomatic Rally, it symbolizes our collective dedication to sustainable practices, culminating in the heart of Belgrade.

Interconnected Solutions: Exploring Agrovoltaics, Photovoltaics, and Wind Energy

At the core of our agenda lies the examination of interconnected issues. By integrating e-mobility with photovoltaic power, wind energy, and agriculture, we introduce the concept of agrovoltaics. This innovative approach not only addresses energy production but also presents viable solutions for water conservation and sustainable food cultivation. Additionally, we will delve into the potential of wind energy as a complementary source of renewable power. In a world grappling with renewable energy challenges, the Emobility Eco Forum envisions a future where multiple sustainable energy sources work synergistically to create a greener, more resilient energy landscape.

The Eco Forum’s Holistic Vision

Our forum seeks to foster profound discussions and collaborative problem-solving endeavors, transcending geographical boundaries to benefit the wider region. The Forum will touch on topics such as e-mobility, renewable energy, photovoltaics, electric grids, agrovoltaics, as well as pressing issues surrounding food, water, recycling, waste management, smart cities, and circular economy.

We envision the Eco Forum becoming an annual fixture, uniting global experts to exchange insights and forge pathways toward a sustainable future.

A Call to Action

Amidst the urgency for sustainable practices, the Eco Forum emerges as a catalyst for transformative change. By addressing diverse issues comprehensively, it aims to inspire collective action and innovative solutions, thereby shaping a greener, more interconnected future for generations to come.