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6th Symposium programme

  1st day




Registration and breakfast

9:00 Welcome Speeches
 9:50 Introductory lecture
10:10 Report of the climate conference and what we should do and what means e-mobility for the future
 10:30 Moon – Business models of the future
11:00 Coffee Break/socializing
11:30 Oslo
11:40 Vienna
11:50 Monako
12:00 Berlin
12:10 Rotterdam
12:20 Ljubljana
12:30 Panel with representatives of participating cities, Ljubljane in Primožem Lemežem
 13:30 Lunch
1st day afternoon
Car and batteries Grids and infrastructure National and local policies for encouraging e-mobility
14:30 Electric vehicles ELES, Slovenia Cities and countries; Germany and Berlin, Austria and Vienna, Slovenia and Ljubljana
15:00 Electric vehicles ELAAD, Netherlands Cities and countries; Rotterdam, Netherlands, Monaco, Oslo and Norway
15:30 Electric vehicles Inogy, Germany Panel Countries and cities: how to reduce pollution and raise the quality of your air?
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Batteries: Where are we going and what’s waiting for us DARS – Charging on the trip How to dispate cars from cities!
17:00 Closing panel Closing panel Closing panel
  2nd day
Subject Lecturer

Registration and breakfast

9:00 Introductory lecture/Grids and EV Uroš Salobir
10:00 Norway/Netherlands: Car Charging, statistics Silije Fines Wondebo, Baerte De Bray
10:20 Audi E Future Matjaž Korman
10:40 Coffee break

Artificial Intelligence and cars

Short lectures, Dr Jermol, Hungary, Netherlands
Talk about artificial intelligence
13:30 Lunch break
2nd day afternoon
Electric cars and Artificial intelligence Charging & charging infrastructure How to deal with cars in cities
14:30 Electric vehicles and artificial intelligence ELES, Project E8: Private Charging infrastructure Smart Solutions in the delivery of goods in city centers with help of artificial intelligence
15:00 Electric vehicles and artificial intelligence Norway and the Netherlands, good and bad practices The post and delivery: Panel, and the necessary emission reductions
15:30 Panel on electric vehicles and artificial intelligence Panel on the importance of e-mobility infrastructure and grids and the charging price Electric Bikes

Europlakat: business model; Bicikelj and why it is so successful!

16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Successful business models when charging electric cars BTC Smart Shopping Site Solutions
17:00 Plenary session and acceptance of the Declaration