6th Symposium Emobility

Emobility is organising a sixth consecutive symposium about e-mobility.

Dear friends, colleagues, business partners!

It seems that 26th of November 2019 is still far away. In a way it is, but we at Emobility are working very hard to prepare a high-quality conference about e-mobility.

As you might know the 6th Symposium Emobility will take place at Gospodarsko raztavišče (convention centre) in Ljubljana. We have been able to attract a lot of eminent lecturers from whole of Europe. I am certain to claim, regarding the lecturers and themes, that this will be one of the best conferences on theme of e-mobility so far. Not just in Slovenia, but in a wider region.

Besides Slovenian government, governmental representatives of Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Norwegian will also cooperate, and besides city of Ljubljana delegations of Vienna, Oslo, Monaco, Berlin and Rotterdam.

By governmental representatives some of the biggest companies from automotive and electro-distribution field, institutes developing batteries and artificial intelligence, companies dealing in infrastructure and experts from the field of environmental protection.


Purpose of the conference:

  • To bring various experts for e-mobility to one place and enlighten the enormous progress and perspective for e-mobility.
  • To provide the tools and knowledge necessary for politicians to enable e-mobility faster development, and to listen to politicians what are some of the problems that they are seeing, and how to counteract those problems.
  • To showcase the benefits of e-mobility to the wider public, and through eminent guests and media destroy possible myths and fears connected to e-mobility, that are mostly based on unbasted rumours.

Symposium will be organised with the help of Slovenian government, and through Embassies with governments of Germany and Norway. The symposium will be organised in cooperation of city of Ljubljana, Green capital of Europe 2016!