Thursday, 19th October 2017




9:00 AM

Gathering of participants

9:15 AM

Greetings of the Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana; Green capital of Europe 2016

Dejan Crnek

9:30 AM

Trojan and towing horses of sustainable mobility

Primož Lemež

10:00 AM

Project EDISON – Towing horse

Tanja Mohorič, CEO SRIP ACS+

10:30 AM

Effect of emobility on health of population

Teo Bunta, Institute Zadihaj (Breathe)

11:00 AM

Coffee break

11:20 AM

Electric cars on their way; how many new models can we expect in the next three years.

Dušan Lukič

11:50 AM

New economy of mobility

Primož Lemež

12:10 PM

From public charging to managed infrastructure

Christoph John; Smatrics, Customer Operations Director

12:40 PM

Netherland and sustainable mobility.

Bart Twaalfhoven, Ambassador of Netherland


Round table: Netherlands vs Germany vs Slovenia in achieving carbonless transport.

Bart Twaalfhoven, Klaus Riedel, Bojan Žlender, Ministry of infrastructure

1:40 PM

Lunch break


Round table and debate of experiances with electric cars; three journalists, three views.

Dušan Lukič, Vinko Kerenc, Primož Lemež

3:00 PM

Batery; the most important part of sustainable mobility…, or is it just a myth.

Marko Logonder, Avantcar

3:30 PM

Final round table of 1st day: Users, governments, manufacturers. How will we win?!

4:00 PM

End of 1st day and informal continuation of discussions …




Friday, 20th October 2017




9:00 AM

Gathering of participants

9:15 AM

What do customers expect from e-mobility

Boštjan Okorn, ZPS

9:45 AM

Round table: Importance of infrastructure for development of e-mobility.

Boštjan Okorn, Ignac Završnik, Teo Bunta, Marko Logonder

10:15 AM

Civil society; importance of civil society in introduction and development of e-mobility.

Ignac Završnik, President of DEVS

10:45 AM

Coffee break

11:00 AM

Example of Nedherlands Start-Up and what can Slovenian economy and sustainable mobility gain.

Peter Bruner

11:30 AM

EDISON R&D centre and international cooperation.

Tanja Mohorič

12:00 PM

Round table: Cooperation in creating new sustainable society.

Tanja Mohorič, Ignac Završnik, Marko Logonder, Primož Lemež

1:00 PM

Conclusion, lunch and informal continuation of discussions.