Maps ECOnova Rally Austria – Germany Coordinates for all start/stop location please download at map available at this site. Route for Day 3 is the same as Day 1.          


In 2017 eMobility will organise 4 rallies. All four ECOnova Rallies will be part of FIA ELECTRIC AND NEW ENERGY CHAMPIONSHIP! Italy – Slovenia ECOnova Rally 23rd – 26th March (we will also include Croatia). Austria – Germany ECOnova Rally 31th


FIA Classifications and ECOnova Cup Announcement: A copy of the latest version of the Rules for ECOnova Rally Austria is available here: FIA ECOnova Steiermark Regulations  The first Leg will be constituted by 4 Regularity Stages. The second Leg will be constituted by 6 Regularity


Our focus will be devoted to organisation of ECOnova Steiermark Rally, taking place from 6th to 8th of October in Graz.


4th Symposium of Electromobility


In october 2017, Ljubljana will host the "4th Symposium of Electromobility". From October 19 to 20, experts will meet at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS), Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana to discuss and learn more about the latest technologies, developments and trends in electromobility, the crucial importance of an extensive fast charging infrastructure, etc. Two days full of lectures about challenges and solution strategies in the field of electromobility.

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4th Symposium of Electromobility - 19th and 20th of October 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Call for Papers

Symposium will be a place of sharing latest technology advances and a forum to discuss how electromobility and new mobility technologies can contribute to the solution of recent challenges. Be part of Symposium as a speaker or visitor.

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Symposium starts at 9am!

See you on Thursday, 19th of October.


Volvo – go all electric

Volvo will become the first major car manufacturer to go all electric, with the Swedish company saying that every new car in its range will have an electric power train available from 2019. More information available on webpage goo.gl/a6sP9S. The company said

EcoMobility World Festivals

The EcoMobility World Festival and congress are part of the EcoMobility activities. Visit webpage http://www.ecomobilityfestival.org for all information.

Gas-powered cars aren’t history

The internal combustion engine has been around more than a century. And it should be around for decades to come, despite Volvo’s announcement Wednesday that it will move away from cars powered only by gasoline. This article copied from https://goo.gl/5oqbur. “It’s


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